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How to enter the world’s largest economy

America, a land where the competitive spirit shapes both entrepreneurs and athletes at every level. Conquering it can be a very rewarding investment, but it can also be a very daunting project full of questions and financial considerations.

Where, how fast and how much to invest.  Which form of distribution structure is optimal?  What type of corporate setup?  How do we enter such a large market without spending a lot of money to launch and how fast do we break even?  What is my competitive position in the US?  How do we work with Amazon? How do I optimize my taxes? How can we navigate the recent sanctions and challenges and what opportunities do they bring for our industry?

While USA is one of the largest commercial markets, it can have a lot of challenges. Most companies spend more time and money than they should because they don’t understand the american consumer.

Drake Global Strategy can help you with US Market entry and create and execute a plan focused on:

  • Legal:  Different types of Incorporation and Financial Setup.
  • Operational: Distribution and Fulfillment.
  • Brand Marketing: from researching your market to honing your brand’s unique selling proposition for the US and communicating it to the most efficient customer.
  • Sales: from defining the strategy to execution, including training, support and resources to best match your goals.